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Concrete Crack Repair in Billings

Repairing cracked concrete walls with polyurethane

Concrete walls can crack for a wide variety of reasons. The normal shrinkage that occurs as concrete cures can cause tiny cracks that don't structurally compromise the strength of a foundation or retaining wall. But most other cracks do warrant the attention of a foundation repair specialist.

Concrete crack repair isn't confined to the crack itself; it also must address the conditions that caused the crack to occur in the first place. Fortunately, foundation repair contractors have engineered solutions such as piers, wall anchors and braces that can overcome common soil settlement and soil pressure problems. Once this is accomplished, cracks can be permanently repaired.

Sealing concrete cracks completely with polyurethane

One of our main concerns when repairing cracked foundation walls is water leaking into the basement or crawl space. That's why our preferred method for repairing cracks in a concrete foundation is to inject polyurethane sealant into the crack. Epoxy can also be used to repair cracked concrete, but polyurethane offers some important advantages.

Polyurethane is a man-made resin that's super sticky. It will adhere to just about any material. We use an expanding "poly" formulation that flows into gaps and voids, filling them completely before the resin hardens to form a waterproof seal. The cured sealant is flexible so that it won't crack if there's slight movement along the crack, and it can't be degraded by salts and other chemicals that might leach through the soil.

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