We Bring the Latest in Concrete Slab Raising Technology to Montana and Wyoming With PolyLevel!

Friday, June 23rd, 2017 by Jesse Scott

Yellowstone Structural Systems, in our forward thinking and customer focused fashion, is excited to be the first Montana company offering slab raising services using high expansion PolyLevel foam in Bozeman, MT and the surrounding areas. This amazing technology allows us to serve both the residential, commercial, municipal, and DOT markets. This system offers many benefits over traditional mudjacking methods and is now the preferred standard within the industry. In addition to outperforming mudjacking, the raw products that compose our PolyLevel are of  recycled origin making our service an environmentally responsible "green" decision.

Concrete most often settles due to poor soils, voids, tree roots, and moisture. With our PolyLevel injection process, we deliver the foam beneath the slab and into the soil where it begins to immediately expand. During this expansion process the foam seeks out and fills voids, increases the density of weak soils, and raises the concrete in a controlled manner. The PolyLevel foam, once injected into the soil, quickly permeates loose soils and expands into a lightweight, stable and durable material, which will increase the soil load bearing capacities.We Bring the Latest in Concrete Slab Raising Technology  to Montana and Wyoming With PolyLevel - Image 1

The specialized polymer slab raising foam in structure is a high density, closed cell, and inert product. What this means is that it will not absorb anything, will not react with water or chemicals in the ground, and will not break down over time as other slab raising materials often do. This technology is now the preferred concrete repair solution for municipalities, DOT’s, contractors, and residential markets. From projects on interstate highways, to a single concrete slab at a residence, our process is so cost effective, that no job is too big or too small.

PolyLevel vs. Mudjacking

Whether its mudjacking, or PolyLevel foam injection, both are designed to accomplish the same results, and that is to raise concrete.

Mudjacking uses a grout, which is comprised of a sand/soil-based material and sometimes but not always is mixed with cement. The process requires a large hole, approximately 1-3/4” in diameter, to be drilled through the slab which the grout is then pumped through to generate a hydraulic lift force. The material for this process weighs approximately 150 lbs per cubic foot.


  • Containment of the mess caused by excess mud or grout pumped into the slab to be raised
  • Drilling of large holes that can weaken the slab
  • The visible evidence of the large holes after work is completed
  • The grout takes approximately 24 hours to completely cure
  • The material is affected by moisture and prone to shrinkage once cured
  • Over a short period of time, the material may crack, break down, or weaken in strength
  • Requires a large amount of holes to properly raise the concrete and completly fill all the voided areas
  • Material is very heavy, which increases soil loading and may result in further settlement in a short amount of time

PolyLevel slab raising uses a two part expanding polymer foam. The process to raise the concrete by foam injection requires a small hole, approximately 5/8” in diameter to be drilled through the slab. This can often be drilled in the faux grout lines of decorative concrete which then leaves virtually no trace after the hole is patched. The PolyLevel is then injected under the slab and into the soil. This two part material then expands, fills the voided areas, and raises the concrete. The material for this process is very dense yet only weighs approximately 2 lbs per cubic foot... 1/75th or 1.3% that of mudjacking materials.


  • Seeks out weak soils and during expansion creates a strong, more dense, sub-base
  • The material will take the path of least resistance, and will fill in all voided areas
  • The foam is not weakened by moisture
  • Will retain its cured shape and form, reducing the possibility of forming new voids or further settlement
  • Completely cures within 15 minutes
  • Very strong, dense, and lightweight
  • Requires much smaller and fewer holes

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